This is an application form for the Adult Artists Webring. If you’re unfamiliar with webrings, please check out IndieWebCamp’s entry or this archived article for more information.

Like all webrings, there are several rules for joining:

  • You must be over 18+. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • Your art is primarily erotic, pornographic, or adult oriented.
  • We will not be accepting applications from cisgender heterosexual male creators making exclusively straight artwork at this time. We don’t hate you- you just don’t have to deal with the problems that other creators do. If you are not a cisgender heterosexual man making exclusively straight art, this webring is absolutely for you! If any clarification is needed, please reach out.
  • There is no promotion of bigotry in your work- homophobic, racist, or otherwise.
  • ‘Artist’, for the purposes of this webring, refers to anyone with a visual element to their work. This includes comic artists, illustrators, visual/illustrated novel creators, etc. If there’s any question as to if you qualify, please reach out.
  • The webring widget or link will need to be added to your website. If you’re uncomfortable with adding a link to us or are unable to add custom code to your page, please do not apply.
  • Your website must be relatively current- the idea is to have an alternative to social media promotion! Please update your website at least once a year.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact!